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Australia Fires

Photograph of the fires taken from the sky by NASA Fire season in northern Australia usually wraps up by October, but 2011 has been an exceptional year. In mid-November, dry grasses and low humidity combined to create extremely dangerous fire conditions, prompting the Queensland Fire and Rescue service to issue a warning. Because of the […]
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    • Sixth 1000-year Rain Since 2010
      Human induced climate change is causing more volatile and extreme weather events. The rain in South Carolina was the 6th 1000-year rain since 2010. We are not saying that the Earth’s temperature is just going to rise. In general, as energy is added to a system, the fluctuations in the system increase. So, we expect […]
    • Background Ozone
      Low level ozone (Tropospheric Ozone) is deadly to plants and animals. The huge increase in human respiratory problems and asthma is largely attributed to ozone. NASA has released a new study on ozone pollution: Levels of “background ozone” — ozone pollution present in a region but not originating from local, human-produced sources — are high enough in […]
    • Nestle and the California Drought
      by Daniel Brouse There is a lot of misleading information trending in social-media about Nestle and the California drought. The facts of the matter are: Most of the water in California is used for agriculture. Nearly 50 billion cubic metres (13 trillion gallons) of water is used in California each year. Nestle bottled water plants […]
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    • Citibank: How Investments in Clean Energy can Save Trillions
      By EDF BlogsBy: Karin Rives A number to remember: $44 trillion. It’s what Citibank estimates that climate change will cost the global economy by 2060 unless we take decisive steps to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. To put the number in perspective, that is roughly the combined gross domestic products of the United States, China […]
    • Latest Mississippi River Delta News: October 8, 2015
      Coastal allies clash over plans to dip into BP fine money for a bridge *features David Muth, NWF By John Snell, WVUE. October 7, 2015 "We need to concentrate on what we as a state and a people and as a government have identified as our highest priority, which is coastal protection and restoration," said […]
    • One Million and Beyond: Rebates to Accelerate Smart Thermostat Adoption in Illinois
      By Dick MunsonOne million is a big number, but that’s the goal for getting smart thermostats into Northern Illinois homes. In partnership with environmental and consumer groups, Chicago-based electric and gas companies this week agreed to offer rebates that will cut an intelligent monitor’s cost in half, helping empower people to reduce both their energy […]
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    • September 2015 National Overview
      The September contiguous U.S. average temperature was 68.5 degrees F, 3.7 degrees F above the 20th century average.The precipitation total was 2.09 inches, 0.4 inches below average.
    • September 2015 Wildfires
      Fire statistics are missing for September. Fire statistics are missing for January - September.
    • August 2015 Global Analysis
      The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for August was 0.88 degrees C (1.58 degrees F) above the 20th century average of 15.5 degrees C (59.9 degrees F).
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    • Mission helps answer: What is a forest?
      Examining eight different satellite-derived maps of global forest cover, a team of scientists from NASA and other institutions noticed striking differences. The forested area on the maps differed by as much as 6 percent of Earth’s land area, nearly equivalent to the size of China. The reason, they found with the help of the Landsat satellites, […]
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