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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Year-to-Date Global Temperatures are Warmest on Record

Human induced climate change is a pronblem. See “Global Warming Has Caused Irreparable Damage” Last month’s combined global land and ocean surface temperature made it the warmest June on record and the warmest on record averaged for any April-June and January-June periods, according to NOAA. Worldwide average land surface temperature was the warmest on record [...]
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    • Sea Shepherd Visits Monaco
      Sea Shepherd Visits Monaco The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin arrived in Port Hercule in Monaco on July 20th for a three day visit before proceeding on to Barcelona, the final stop in the Mediterranean campaign before the ship returns to Australia for final preparations for Operation No Compromise – our return to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to defend […]
    • Faeroe Islands: Sea Shepherd Undercover Operation Exposes Cetacean Mass Slaughter
      Faeroe Islands: Sea Shepherd Undercover Operation Exposes Cetacean Mass Slaughter click to enlarge On July 19, 2010, a pod of 236 pilot whales was ruthlessly slaughtered in the town of Klaksvik in the Danish Faeroe Islands. Sea Shepherd was able to document the slaughter through the efforts of an undercover operative who had been living among the locals in o […]
    • The Steve Irwin Visits Italy
      The Steve Irwin Visits Italy The Steve Irwin arrived today in La Spezia, Italy, for a brief visit and a fundraising event.  The crew were greeted with a huge welcoming banner. This marks the first time that a Sea Shepherd ship has docked in Italy. Our Italian support base is growing and Sea Shepherd welcomes this opportunity to meet our supporters and to in […]
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    • Warning About Warming
      My experiences at the President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) Ceremony in Washington D.C. were simply unforgettable. It was an unbelievable opportunity to share my knowledge with some of the most influential people in the nation. Some of the highlights of my entire experience were being able to meet and share my knowledge with Administrator Lisa […]
    • Green Cleaning
      As I was grocery shopping this past weekend, I noticed that many companies that produce cleaning products are joining the green bandwagon. Many of these companies are extolling the green virtues of their products as a means to increase revenues. The question is how truly green these products are? It is safe to say that […]
    • Métodos de limpieza más favorables al medio ambiente
      Cuando estaba de compras la semana pasada, me di cuenta cómo un creciente número de fabricantes de productos de limpieza están uniéndose al movimiento ambientalista. Muchas de estas compañías cantan las loas “verdes” de sus productos a fin de obtener mayores ganancias. La pregunta estriba en cuán favorables al medioambiente son estos productos en […]
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    • $529 Million Loan to Fisker Automotive for PHEV
      The Department of Energy (DOE) announced today the closing of a $528.7 million loan with Fisker Automotive for the development and production of two lines of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). The loan will support the Karma, a full-size, four-door sports sedan, and a line of family oriented models being developed under the company’s Project […]
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